How to get a quality dog house

Dogs require plenty of your attention, spare time, and resources. However, having a dog is the best thing in the Universe because you will not only get a pet but a new member of the family that will protect you and love you unconditionally.

But, if you don’t want to teach your dog to sleep on the other side of your bed and, eventually, kick you off it entirely, you need to establish some boundaries, and look for the perfect bedding. If you keep your dog outside like I am, you will need to search for some cool dog houses. Here is everything you need to know about finding the perfect one.

House size

Buying or making your own dog house starts with the right size for your dog. You need to maintain proportions as much as possible as dogs prefer small and tight places because they make them feel more secure. However, this doesn’t mean crowding your pooch either.

The best way to decide on the right size is to measure your dog in lying position and start from there. You’ll need the house to provide enough room for your dog to sit, lie down, and stretch properly.

The same principle applies if you want to house two dogs at once. Although they will most likely cuddle one with the other, they will still require some private space on their own. Don’t build an entire mansion, but have some common sense space for your dog to sleep in decent conditions.


Materials used

There are plenty of materials to choose from, each coming with its own perks and downsides. Wood is the common material used for building a new dog house because it insulates properly and provides a secure and warm shelter during the rainy and the cold seasons. It also works wonders for absorbing your pet’s odors and will last you a long time from now on.

Plastic is also extremely common and significantly lighter than wood. It mainly applies for smaller yards, and it can be reliable too. Although it will provide basic protection against rain and snow, plastic maintains coldness. They are easy to clean and won’t allow room for fleas and ticks. However, if your dog is strong and has aggressive chewing habits, plastic is certainly not the best option.

Detachable parts

Last but not least, it is always better to have quick access inside your dog’s house, so make sure to have the door or the roof detachable. It is not recommended to keep the door closed during the hot months as it will create an unbearable and extremely hot environment.

Make sure the house has a proper ventilation system or you can detach some of its parts to allow more freedom during the summer. In the winter, you can reattach the roof for added heat.